Pause Studio Intro

Fashion – PAUSEstudio Fashion Film

Since I only just managed to get around to sharing some images of my collection I thought now would be a pretty apt time to also share a Fashion Film created by PAUSEstudio to showcase my graduate collection.

While we were shooting the images for my lookbook the lovely Hazel did some behind the scenes filming to catch a little bit more garments that couldn’t necessarily be seen from a still image. I’m in love with the way this video has turned out and can’t wait to hopefully work with Hazel more in the future. Below is the final piece which was completely directed, filmed and edited by Hazel.

I really love Fashion Films, I think they’re a lot more fun than just images and so I want to experiment a lot more with them. I want to do a location shoot with my collection in the near future so I think I might also try and organise another film to be shot at the same time.

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Look into the air

Here’s a quick video of a ┬ástop motion that inspired my work.

It was created by the same photographer that took a few images at my photo shoot yesterday and my own stop motion is being put together over the next couple of days. I’ve really wanted to use a stop motion to promote my crowns – it’s basically a film made up of loads of different photographs to make a moving picture. ┬áThe concept behind the work fits my theme perfectly of being super fun and carefree!

Check out the rest of her stop motions here