Abagailemily ootd 1/03

What I Wore Today – The Perfect Day

This weekend has officially been the best welcome to March – what started as a stressful and overwhelming week has turned into something far more relaxing and fun.

I drove home for the weekend on Thursday afternoon and have had so much fun since I’ve been back! On Friday I went shopping in Bath with my Mum which was lovely! Saturday was my Dad’s birthday so I spent the day with my Family just relaxing and going out for an evening meal. Sunday was the cherry on top of an already lovely weekend especially because the weather was so amazing!

I met with a few friends in the morning and we decided to drive to Burton Bradstock, a small beach in Dorset. Living on the coast is the best thing ever and I miss it so much when I’m at Uni so getting the chance to go home and have a walk on the beach is one of my favourite things to do!  Even though it was super sunny the beach was still cold (obviously) I really was hopeful that it was now summer and I could get away with no coat!

I had a little help from my favourite critter whilst taking the images for this post! Seeing my pets is always one of the main reasons I have to go home because I miss them so much when I’m away. Mischief is my dog, but she really believes that she’s human – and she wanted to be next to me in all of my photos! She’s adorable.

When I was in Bath with my mum I picked up a few new things including this t-shirt. It was one of the only things I saw and instantly fell in love with- I also saw a pink skirt that would go with it SO well but I managed to resist, proud of myself! On Saturday I popped into town with my sister Elspeth (who also took these pics! Thanks els) and found these beautiful sunglasses! I saw them and again fell instantly in love. Who needs boys when you have clothes!

Abagailemily ootd 1/03

Abagailemily ootd 1/03

Abagailemily ootd 1/03

Abagailemily ootd 1/03

Abagailemily ootd 1/03

Abagailemily ootd 1/03

Abagailemily ootd 1/03

Abagailemily ootd 1/03

Flamingo Top – River Island
Grey Cardigan – Topshop
Gingham Skirt – New Look
Black Tights – Marks & Spencer
Black Shoes – Treds
Pink Scrunchy – New Look
Pink Sunglasses  – Moschino

I had such a lovely weekend but it really caught up with me this week and I fell a bit behind with my work hence why I’ve only just got around to posting this! I’m hoping that I can spare another weekend soon to go home again because it makes me so happy and I feel so much more refreshed!





Travel 2014 – Bergamo

20140324-120709.jpgA friend of mine was recently visiting Bergamo which happens to be just outside of Milan!

I decided to take a day trip out to see the city and was surprised at just how big it was! It has a new town which is where the airport is, along with the train station, shops and restaurants, and then there is also the ‘Old Town’ which is at the top of the hill (which seemed like a verrrrryyyy long and steep walk!) but there is a train to the top! At the top you get the best views of Bergamo, quaint shops, and winding narrow streets, it feels a lot more Italian than Milan!

I’d definitely recommend it if you’re in Milan for a couple of days and running out of ideas of what to do! It’s about 40 minutes on the train and only 5 Euros each way!

I just spent the day doing touristy things like getting lunch, spending about an hour in an old fashioned sweet shop, and eating ice cream!

Below are a couple of my ‘Holiday snaps’.

20140324-120751.jpg 20140324-120743.jpg 20140324-120732.jpg 20140324-120720.jpg

Travel 2014 – Top 5 Places – Barcelona


At the start of the year I decided to set myself a few challenges to work on in 2014. (You can see my blog post by clicking here) One of these was to travel more! You could class this as cheating as I actually booked this trip in December, but last weekend I went to Barcelona! I’ve wanted to go for a few years now and I’m extremely glad I finally got to visit this Mediterranean city!

As a part of my ‘Travel’ challenge I thought it might be nice to share my top 5 places of each place I visit, hence the title of this post! So without further ado below are my top 5 things to see and do in Barcelona.



One of the main things I wanted to see in Barcelona was the work of Antoni Gaudi, a Spanish architect who’s work is exceptionally decorative. He used a lot of ceramics and stained glass amongst other medias in his creations.

From the picture above you can’t even begin to believe the time and money that must have been put into building such a beautiful park. I’d definitely say this is a must see in Barcelona. The only thing that could have made it better for me was the weather, as the day that we decided to go was a bit overcast! But nevertheless it was still breathtaking with extraordinary design and views.



Palau Guell is another of Guadi’s work. Again it did not disappoint. The amount of detail put into the interior as well as exterior was amazing – ranging from gold leaf ceilings inside, to the mosaic sculptures on the roof terrace outside.



If you have a couple of hours in which you’re not entirely sure what to do with (which I doubt would ever happen) the Montjuic cable car gives will give you the best view of the city! It’s not for everyone (especially people with a fear of heights!) But it can get you quickly and easily to Montjuic to see the castle, Olympic stadium and Magic fountain! The best thing is that there’s also the Metro stop ‘Paral.lel’ which connects to a racktrain that will get you pretty close to the top, so if you don’t want to ‘fly’ both ways there’s an easy way out!



I will admit, the Olympic stadium was a little bit of a let down. There was a football game on so we couldn’t actually get inside to have a proper look around (this was the main reason we went to Montjuic in the first place!) But the surrounding grounds made a nice place to explore.



Lastly, there was Parc de la Ciutadella. This came as nice surprise as we sort of stumbled across it not really knowing what was there. We entered the Park just for a little walk and the further in we got the better it was! This fountain really made it special, you can walk to the top and you get some pretty spectacular views.

All in all I really enjoyed my time in Barcelona! I actually booked it as a surprise 21st Birthday present for Joe which should hopefully make the memories more special. The verdict is that I will definitely go back, hopefully sometime soon, perhaps when it’s a little bit warmer. There’s a lot left to explore and I wish we had more time!

My 2013.

I’ve been re-capping 2013 and everything I’ve managed to fit in to the tiny 12 months available, and I wanted to make a post on my favourite memories of the year.

New Years 2013The first best thing of 2013 was spending the night with my lovely best friends. In Weymouth we always celebrate New Years in fancy dress so we decided to go as chocolates!

Tenerife + Berlin phone 111Family holiday to Tenerife

Tenerife + Berlin phone 315                                  Tenerife + Berlin phone 247Tenerife + Berlin phone 226

Trip to Berlin – Literally the coldest place on Earth!

paris - berlin 261Experiencing tonsillitis for the first time! Not fun, and something I don’t really want to experience again!

                                       paris - berlin 459 paris - berlin 470

Going to Paris


Creating my first ever collection and a super fun photoshoot to go with it.

                           Milan so far 272  Milan so far 305

Working at my first ever festival at Isle of Wight!

                           Milan so far 454 Milan so far 482                                                                     Milan so far 646 Milan so far 648

Spending days at the beach because I worship the sun.

                          Milan so far 671 Milan so far 726                                                                                 Milan so far 100 Milan so far 388

Nights out with my best friends

Milan so far 568Trying (and failing) to row a boat

                                Milan so far 974 Milan so far 992

Moving to Milan

Milan so far 1191Finally going to the top of the Shard in London!

All in all I’d say it’s been a pretty amazing year. And I can’t wait for next year so that I can make even more memories to last!