Travel 2014 – Madrid

Madrid Image

I’m a little bit behind with this post but back in June I jetted off from Milan to Madrid.

One of my close friends Jenny was spending her Erasmus year studying over there so I thought it would be pretty rude not to visit!

Madrid was absolutely amazing! The week that I decided to go was incredibly hot so we spent a lot of time next to the pool with plenty of sangria to keep us going. When not lounging and soaking up the sun I actually got to explore quite a lot of Madrid seeing pretty much everything with my perfect tour guide!

Getting about, going out for meals, drinks, etc in the city were super cheap so that was an added bonus. On a couple of my nights there we went to rooftop bars which in Milan would be exclusive and come at a premium, but in Madrid were pretty cheap compared!

I really loved Madrid, not only because it was cheap but the lifestyle there seemed so free and easy. One of the nights I was there Jenny and I went to a Flamenco show it was just so much fun to watch, the audience really get involved cheering and clapping along.

Looking back on it, we managed to fit so much in to the tiny 5 days I was there! We had 2 pool days, one day long bike ride along the river, visited all of the site seeing attractions,  visited two rooftop bars, lots of Tapas, fought the crowds at the Sunday El Rasto market and so much more.

I think I started planning my return trip as soon as I left. It’s definitely a must see city, I think that what made it so special was having someone who knew their way around almost off of the back of their hand, knowing the easiest ways getting from A to B, and also living 30 seconds away from Gran Via!

Below I’ve posted a few of my ‘holiday snaps’ I’ve not made this a ‘Top 5 Places’ post because I think there are just so many more things that are really special in Madrid.

Temple of Debod

Temple of Debod

El Oso Y El Madrono

  El Oso Y El Madrono

Buen Retiro Park

Buen Retiro Park

Ayuntamiento de Madrid

Ayuntamiento de Madrid

Plaza de Espana

Plaza de Espana

To conclude, I think if I had to pick my favourite place in Madrid it would probably have been the Buen Retiro Park. It really was like something in a film! Unfortunately we didn’t go on one of the rowing boats simply because of the heat! Instead we just walked around the whole park chatting and found some pretty places to sit and watch the world go by (in the shade!) The more I think back to my trip I just remember how hot it actually was and on all of the days begging for stops for water!

I think that this was probably one of my favourite places of 2014. Thank you Jenny for having me!

Create 2014 – Prom Floral Crown

20140519-142045.jpg My little sister’s prom is coming up soon (she’s so old now) and as a little gift for her, she asked me to create her a floral crown, like the ones I was making last summer.

We’d been speaking about it for a while before I actually got around to creating it, she asked me before Christmas, but living in Italy it was hard to find supplies! While I was home for Easter in April, Elspeth and I went to find the flowers she’d want on her crown so I could finally start creating it!

We both decided, as her dress would be black, white flowers would be best, simply as it would lighten her overall outfit. I wanted to my best ever job on this crown as it’s really the most important one I’ve made.

We decided on three different sized flowers for the crown, two different sized leaves, and also pearls to add a special touch.

I’m really pleased with how the crown turned out, it probably took me about three hours in total to make it perfect. The finishing touch was the crochet ribbon to tie it together.

Her prom isn’t until July, but I’m not going to be home until then so I had to make it as early as possible to ensure she actually had it for the day! I will hopefully post some more photos of her wearing it in the near future!

She will be the most beautiful floral princess at the prom!

My 2013.

I’ve been re-capping 2013 and everything I’ve managed to fit in to the tiny 12 months available, and I wanted to make a post on my favourite memories of the year.

New Years 2013The first best thing of 2013 was spending the night with my lovely best friends. In Weymouth we always celebrate New Years in fancy dress so we decided to go as chocolates!

Tenerife + Berlin phone 111Family holiday to Tenerife

Tenerife + Berlin phone 315                                  Tenerife + Berlin phone 247Tenerife + Berlin phone 226

Trip to Berlin – Literally the coldest place on Earth!

paris - berlin 261Experiencing tonsillitis for the first time! Not fun, and something I don’t really want to experience again!

                                       paris - berlin 459 paris - berlin 470

Going to Paris


Creating my first ever collection and a super fun photoshoot to go with it.

                           Milan so far 272  Milan so far 305

Working at my first ever festival at Isle of Wight!

                           Milan so far 454 Milan so far 482                                                                     Milan so far 646 Milan so far 648

Spending days at the beach because I worship the sun.

                          Milan so far 671 Milan so far 726                                                                                 Milan so far 100 Milan so far 388

Nights out with my best friends

Milan so far 568Trying (and failing) to row a boat

                                Milan so far 974 Milan so far 992

Moving to Milan

Milan so far 1191Finally going to the top of the Shard in London!

All in all I’d say it’s been a pretty amazing year. And I can’t wait for next year so that I can make even more memories to last!