Research – Trip to Versailles

This year is a big one for me as it’s the year I create my first full collection. With the help of my tutor at Coventry University I decided I wanted my inspiration to come from a very decorative source, being Versailles.

As I was basing what is essentially a visual dissertation on a certain location, of course it’s only sensible to take a trip to visit that place! Last week that’s exactly what I did!

On Tuesday 20th January I jetted off to Paris to get some essential research from what is most probably the most spectacular palace in the world. Luckily my Mum offered to come with me, as I didn’t want to go alone! Firstly, booking the trip itself wasn’t easy! This was the first time I’d fully booked something on my own, had to figure out how I’d get to the airport, the best times to fly, booking a hotel, and how to get to the hotel. Obviously I’ve booked things before, but this time it was all down to me, and it did feel like a lot of pressure!

By the time we’d finally got to our hotel in Paris on Tuesday we both needed a little sit down to recuperate from our journey! It was quite late in the afternoon so that evening we just got dinner from a restaurant close to the hotel and then caught a bus to the Eiffel Tower. (Because you can’t go to Paris and not take a trip to the top!)

On Wednesday we caught the Train to Versailles. It was pretty much love at first sight. I’d never been before so only had pictures as a reference for what to expect, but the pictures really don’t live up to how spectacular it is! It was free for me to get in as I’m a student under 26 and a European Citizen which is literally amazing as to how much you get to see inside. I think I walked around the whole place with a massive grin on my face because it is exactly what I wanted for my project. It’s so over the top, so highly decorated, the attention to detail is insane! There’s so much I can take from my little trip there and excited to start experimenting more with the colours, decoration, and shapes I found! (Watch this space for sneak peeks of my work!)

Abagailemily Versailles

While I was in Paris I also got the chance to see Museé d’Orsay, and the Louvre. There was a section in the Louvre about Versailles which was great as there was a tonne more that I can use for inspiration! There was even more little details like cutlery, crockery, pocket watches, clocks, etc.

Abagailemily Musée d'Orsay

Abagailemily Louvre

After a hard day of even more research my mum treated us to afternoon tea at Ladurée. I had a pot of vanilla tea (best tea I’ve ever tasted) and a giant macaron with fresh raspberries and lychee cream filling. It was definitely an experience I’ll treasure as it was so nice to have time with just my mum to do something girly! The restaurant had lots to choose from and was so pretty inside, it’s something I’d recommend to anyone  looking for something a little different to do in Paris. Although it is a little bit pricey I’d 100% go again as it just makes you feel so fabulous!

Abagailemily Ladurée

I had an amazing few days in Paris and I’m looking forward to going again next week to buy the fabrics for my collection! Exciting/ scary times!


Paris – February 2013

It’s been a while since my last post so I know I have a lot of catching up to do! Over a month ago I went to Paris on a Uni trip for inspiration and also to visit the trade fair Premiére Vision. We travelled by coach which seemed to take FOREVER (10 hours to be exact) leaving rainy England in daylight and arriving in snowy France in the dark! As I’ve been to Paris before I knew what to expect but was obviously still very, very excited!
After a good nights sleep we were up early to set off to the Pierre Cardin museum. On arrival I didn’t really know what to expect. The outside looked a little bit like a warehouse in cobalt blue tiles and a big gate. Once you’re through the gates it’s much more like what you’d expect. The museum its self was run by the craziest, loveliest French lady, the sort of person who you know loves what they’re talking about and really has a passion. Even though she only spoke in French (and my French skills are very poor) she still managed to make it so interesting and she really captivated everyone listening.
If you’re ever planning a visit to Paris and looking for something to do then I’d really suggest going. I’m pretty sure you have to book in before hand though, so forward thinking is advised!!!

After that we headed to central Paris to go to the fabric shops around the Sacre Coeur. The whole trip was based around the 3rd year students buying their fabrics to make their collections. As 2nd years we were advised to come along to see how it works so that we’re prepared for when we come to buy our fabrics! We decided we didn’t really want to get in the way and as the weather was so nice we went on a walk and visited all of the vintage shops we could find in the area. We then walked to the top of the hill to the Sacre Coeur and had a look around. This was probably my favourite day of the trip, it was so warm and sunny Paris looked amazing!

paris - berlin 408

We spent the next few days exploring Paris and seeing all of the sights, visiting every coffee shop, and taking a lot of photos! Whenever I travel places I’m always the most obvious tourist, there taking as many photos as possible because I never want to forget how much of a good time I’ve had or forget the new things I’ve seen.

paris - berlin 475

These are some of my favourite photos from the trip.

paris - berlin 476

paris - berlin 477

paris - berlin 563

paris - berlin 566

This was the last of my little adventures I had planned for a while, so as much as it’s nice to be back in England for a while I do really want to plan another get away either somewhere warm or somewhere really interesting!