Create 2014 – Prom Floral Crown

20140519-142045.jpg My little sister’s prom is coming up soon (she’s so old now) and as a little gift for her, she asked me to create her a floral crown, like the ones I was making last summer.

We’d been speaking about it for a while before I actually got around to creating it, she asked me before Christmas, but living in Italy it was hard to find supplies! While I was home for Easter in April, Elspeth and I went to find the flowers she’d want on her crown so I could finally start creating it!

We both decided, as her dress would be black, white flowers would be best, simply as it would lighten her overall outfit. I wanted to my best ever job on this crown as it’s really the most important one I’ve made.

We decided on three different sized flowers for the crown, two different sized leaves, and also pearls to add a special touch.

I’m really pleased with how the crown turned out, it probably took me about three hours in total to make it perfect. The finishing touch was the crochet ribbon to tie it together.

Her prom isn’t until July, but I’m not going to be home until then so I had to make it as early as possible to ensure she actually had it for the day! I will hopefully post some more photos of her wearing it in the near future!

She will be the most beautiful floral princess at the prom!

Up in the Sky

To promote my Floral headwear I’ve been working with Elspeth Vincent to create a stop motion. The final product was released last night and it doesn’t disappoint! She’s worked so hard on it and I’m absolutely over the moon with how it turned out!

Check it out here and don’t forget to share with your friends!

That’s a wrap

Yesterday was the day of my photo shoot for the collection I’ve spent the past few weeks preparing. One word – STRESS! As I’ve never solely organised my own shoot before I hadn’t really taken into consideration the factors that go into making a perfect picture. There was a lot to think about before hand and sorting a suitable location was one of the hardest! In the end I went for quite a fun location being the ‘Tenpin‘ bowling alley in Coventry. The inside of the building was perfect for my theme, it was bright and colourful, although the lighting was fairly poor. Jenny did a fantastic job especially with the lighting! Take a sneak peak below!

You can check out her blog and work here

I’m absolutely in love with the way the first edited image has turned out.


I had a second photographer on shoot, Elspeth Vincent. She’s my very talented sister and works really well with creating fun themes images. She was perfect for my concept so once we’d wrapped up inside, she took a few shots outside to capture the crowns I’d made in a more suitable location and lighting. Her shots are beyond believable considering she’s only 14 years of age!


Check out the rest of her work here

All in all the stress was definitely worth the outcome! I can’t wait to share more of the images!!

Floral Princess

For my latest project at university I’ve been taking inspiration from my childhood to create a collection.

The collection is for a charity in Coventry called Cyrenians. The idea behind this module is to create and promote a brand to sell within the Refreshed store.

One of the things that sell best within the store are accessories so I’ve started off by making my own floral crowns to sell that will compliment my collection as styling pieces. They’re only prototypes at the moment and obviously need work!! I’m happy with the outcome so far and can’t wait to develop them further!!