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What I Wore Today – The Perfect Day

This weekend has officially been the best welcome to March – what started as a stressful and overwhelming week has turned into something far more relaxing and fun.

I drove home for the weekend on Thursday afternoon and have had so much fun since I’ve been back! On Friday I went shopping in Bath with my Mum which was lovely! Saturday was my Dad’s birthday so I spent the day with my Family just relaxing and going out for an evening meal. Sunday was the cherry on top of an already lovely weekend especially because the weather was so amazing!

I met with a few friends in the morning and we decided to drive to Burton Bradstock, a small beach in Dorset. Living on the coast is the best thing ever and I miss it so much when I’m at Uni so getting the chance to go home and have a walk on the beach is one of my favourite things to do!  Even though it was super sunny the beach was still cold (obviously) I really was hopeful that it was now summer and I could get away with no coat!

I had a little help from my favourite critter whilst taking the images for this post! Seeing my pets is always one of the main reasons I have to go home because I miss them so much when I’m away. Mischief is my dog, but she really believes that she’s human – and she wanted to be next to me in all of my photos! She’s adorable.

When I was in Bath with my mum I picked up a few new things including this t-shirt. It was one of the only things I saw and instantly fell in love with- I also saw a pink skirt that would go with it SO well but I managed to resist, proud of myself! On Saturday I popped into town with my sister Elspeth (who also took these pics! Thanks els) and found these beautiful sunglasses! I saw them and again fell instantly in love. Who needs boys when you have clothes!

Abagailemily ootd 1/03

Abagailemily ootd 1/03

Abagailemily ootd 1/03

Abagailemily ootd 1/03

Abagailemily ootd 1/03

Abagailemily ootd 1/03

Abagailemily ootd 1/03

Abagailemily ootd 1/03

Flamingo Top – River Island
Grey Cardigan – Topshop
Gingham Skirt – New Look
Black Tights – Marks & Spencer
Black Shoes – Treds
Pink Scrunchy – New Look
Pink Sunglasses  – Moschino

I had such a lovely weekend but it really caught up with me this week and I fell a bit behind with my work hence why I’ve only just got around to posting this! I’m hoping that I can spare another weekend soon to go home again because it makes me so happy and I feel so much more refreshed!





The Calm Before the Storm

About a month ago now I started my final year of University. So far, it’s not been easy.
I have a lot of work to be getting on with and deadlines always seem to creep up a lot quicker than they should!

I’ve been going through a phase of living my life by quotes at the moment (I have my bff Paige to thank for that) and I found this one the other day that I really think is relevant to my life at present.

Like lots of the other quotes I’ve been obsessed with at the moment, I found this on Pinterest! 

Quote of the Day

It’s true because sometimes I think I get so wrapped up with how swamped I’m feeling and I forget to realise how GOOD I actually am! I need to remember that I’m only where I am today because of all the stress I’ve ever had and how much hard work I’ve put in.

I’ve got so far over the last few years, and I don’t think I could have got that far without feeling a little stressed at times! This is the last hurdle now, I have the support of my amazing family and friends and I know I can do it. It’s just going to take a little more hard work and determination.

I have so many good things going for me at the moment and I am truly blessed.

Travel 2014 – Top 5 Places – Milan


This post is a little bit different from my last ‘Top 5 places’ as obviously this one in on Milan, and I actually live here. Never the less, I haven’t really had the time to explore as much as I’d like so since I spent some time in February looking around different places, I thought it might be nice to share! I’m going to try and make this a regular thing to keep myself looking around and really exploring the city I live in!



My favourite place in Milan is still Piazza Del Duomo, this might seem the obvious place, but every time I go I’m still astonished by its beauty! This photograph is a bit less cliché as it’s not of the cathedral, but of the arch way to the designer mall. I was lucky enough to get a snap on a nice and sunny day (they seem to be rare here at the moment!)



One of the places I finally visited last month was the aquarium. It’s not like your average Sea Life Centre in the UK so go with an open mind! It’s actually very small (it doesn’t even have sharks!) but it was free entry and made a nice change from the busy shopping streets and gawping at the buildings!



This is a place I seem to spend a lot of my time (and money). Palazzo Reale is where most of the temporary art exhibitions are held. This obviously isn’t somewhere I’ve only just visited, I’ve seen quite a few exhibitions since I’ve been here but most recently I went to Kandinsky, and before that Pollock (which unfortunately is not longer exhibiting!). There hasn’t been a display I’ve been disappointed with. My best advice for anyone going here would be to book and print your tickets before hand so that you don’t get suck in the hour long queue, which I do.. every time.. Oh and take an umbrella because it always rains here!
You can see which exhibitions are on by clicking here



I’ve also recently visited the Science Museum here, it’s more of museum of the history of science, but still very interesting. It has an entire section dedicated to the work of Leonardo Di Vinci. The museum itself is huge, so if you’re planning to go I’d suggest making it a day trip and taking a packed lunch!



Lastly was the Sala Federiciana art gallery. This is a historical museum and entry was pricey. The main reason I went here was because it again had some of Leonardo Da Vinci’s work on display in the library, which happens to be at the very end of the gallery. The work that’s on display here are pages of Da Vinci’s ‘Codex Atlanticus’ sketchbook. From my understanding the exhibition is touring different galleries in Milan running up to ‘Expo 2015’.

You can see where the exhibition is being held at the moment by clicking here


Almost all of the places I visited last month were when I had my family and Joe visiting. As the weather was absolutely foul I had to try and think of things that we could do inside that would keep everyone happy! Milan isn’t a cheap place to visit and you can expect to pay entry nearly everywhere you go.