What to do?

One of the main reasons I signed up to attend NABA was because I still have absolutely no idea what I want to do once I’ve graduated.

The good news is that this year I’ve found out I’m doing so many different things that I’ve not done before – the bad news is it’s a lot more work than I’m used to!

So far this semester I’m having lessons in…

Textiles! – For this I’m learning different printing techniques and how to manipulate fabrics.

Knitting! – This involves hand knitting (which I’ve never done before!!) and also knitting on machines.

Pattern Making! – Making the patterns for garments from complete scratch (not even using a block) and then testing the patterns by making the garments.

Marketing! – A 4 hour lecture each week on different marketing techniques and what marketing techniques small and large companies use.

Design! – The process of having an idea to getting it on paper to create 2 A/W Collecitons.

My weeks are pretty busy as there is quite a large work load but the fact I’m leaning so much makes it completely worth it. It really is giving me a clearer idea in my head what I’m good at and what I can improve on. Even if I struggle at something I still find that I’m really enjoying the lessons, for example knitting doesn’t exactly seem to be my strong point but I’m still really enjoying it!

Be your own boss

I’ve recently started my add-vantage module at uni, I chose to do ‘Be your own boss’ purely for the reason I have absolutely NO business knowledge. I thought that this might give me an insight into what I will need to do to successfully start up a business if I wanted to later on in life.
So far I’ve been to two lectures and I’m already feeling really inspired to start-up a business and hopefully make a little bit of extra money.
My tutor said you should never start-up a business as just something on the side, it should be something that you can really depend on to get income to sustain yourself and something you should be able to live off of.
If I was to start a business now, that’s definitely not what I’d want. I’d just want something to get a little bit extra cash, something for a couple of treats here and there. I think it would be really fun to see it grow, who knows maybe one day it will take off and I’ll make my living from it, but as for the moment, I want to focus on my degree and getting what I need out of that!

My initial idea is to set up a boutique on Asos Marketplace with printed t-shirts. I can’t decide whether to do it for Women or Men, personally I think as I’m such a girly girl I’d probably find it hard to design a print for men, but then menswear is becoming so much more mainstream there really is the market for it. I’d probably want to start off with a really small amount of stock and see how well it sells, the only problem with this being the lower amount of stock you have the more expensive it is to source.

I’ve been doing some market research and I’d love to have a brand like Wildfox Couture, I’ve loved their collections over the past few years, but being a student their garments are usually out of my price range!
I want my items to be affordable yet desirable. Untitled
I think it’s becoming so much easier for people to set up their own business and so many people are taking it on, for the business to be successful it will have to be well marketed and is going to take a lot of time, so this is going to be my little project for February and hopefully before March I should have a good idea of what products I’d like to make and sell, how I’m going to market them and make them desirable.

An example of someone who’s already set up their own business is my best friend’s boyfriend Phil, in the summer he started to print his own t-shirts using his illustrations, you can check them out and buy them here!!! http://biffclothing.bigcartel.com/
3002This one is my favourite of his, because I really do love to be beside the seaside!

In the meantime I want to keep my blog updated with my ideas for prints and how the t-shirts are coming along. Hopefully this is an idea that can come to life very soon!