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Fashion – PAUSEstudio Fashion Film

Since I only just managed to get around to sharing some images of my collection I thought now would be a pretty apt time to also share a Fashion Film created by PAUSEstudio to showcase my graduate collection.

While we were shooting the images for my lookbook the lovely Hazel did some behind the scenes filming to catch a little bit more garments that couldn’t necessarily be seen from a still image. I’m in love with the way this video has turned out and can’t wait to hopefully work with Hazel more in the future. Below is the final piece which was completely directed, filmed and edited by Hazel.

I really love Fashion Films, I think they’re a lot more fun than just images and so I want to experiment a lot more with them. I want to do a location shoot with my collection in the near future so I think I might also try and organise another film to be shot at the same time.

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april ootd

What I Wore Today – Drip Drip Drop Little April Showers

Each year that I see seems to go faster and faster and I find it really hard to believe that it’s actually the 14th April already.  Although I obviously have lots to do I’m not too sad that it’s April because the days are getting longer now and it’s so much warmer! We’ve barely even had any April showers and I’ve already managed to spend a few days in the garden taking in the sunshine and reading a book.

I went home for a lovely relaxing week just before Easter and had an amazing time seeing all of my beautiful friends and family, drinking a little bit more than I should and just generally having a bit of fun which is exactly what I need right now with all of the stress I’ve been harbouring.

Me and Paige took these photos just before I left for my journey home and even though it wasn’t actually raining I love this coat and now that it’s getting warmer its perfect! I picked it up when I was in Paris buying my fabrics as a little treat to myself and it’s just getting warm enough to wear.

I was too excited to get home that I forgot to get my photos from Paige’s camera, so better late than never! These photos are actually from just before the Easter holidays!

april ootd

april ootd

april ootd

april ootd

april ootd

White T-shirt – H&M
Denim Pinafore – Paige’s Wardrobe
Tights – Primark
Oversized Cardigan – Mango
Pink Raincoat – Zara
Earrings – Miss Selfridge
Watch – Swatch

What I Wore Today – If You Believe You Can

*Disclaimer – As an employee I receive 50% off of all full priced New Look stock, the following items were too cute to not buy, hence breaking my resolution and to purchase for an AMAZING price*

So I was at work the other day feeling a bit rubbish about my chosen outfit of the day. As an employee you’re basically a walking mannequin for the store, so should always be in the stores clothes, and hopefully make them look great! I don’t like to feel like I’m doing a bad job but last weekend I certainly did! As a girl in fashion feeling like you’re badly dressed is soul crushing.

New Look have just brought their new line out for the run up to spring and have some super nice pieces that I just couldn’t resist. I only work a 4 hour contact as my schedule is pretty busy, but I could not stand another weekend of feeling as bad as I did!

The outfit I chose to wear today was to a conference we were having at uni about freelancing and starting your own business. I love talks like that because they make me so excited for the future and things that I could potentially do with my degree. I really think that starting a laid back business from home is something I’d like to do, but it’s everyone’s dream so pretty unlikely! But you know what they say ‘If you believe you can, you’re half way there.’ One of my teachers said this back in the day at school, and it’s always stuck with me! It’s probably one of my favourite motivational quotes.

I wanted to look nice as it was a talk with people from industry and it’s no good turning up looking scruffy! I was really unsure on the boots I wore, they’ve been sat in my wardrobe since I bought them just after Christmas. I’ve been too afraid to wear them as they’re a little bit different from anything else I’ve worn before. I’m so glad I wore them today, they’re so warm and comfortable, and made me feel great!


Check Shirt – New Look
Check Skirt – New Look
Over the Knee Boots – New Look
Black Tights – John Lewis
Oversized Earrings – Miss Selfridge

OOTD 12/01 Abagailemily

Challenge 2015 – What I Wore Today – Confessions of a Spendaholic

One of the challenges I’ve set myself for this year is to document more of my personal style. I thought there was no better place to start that somewhere so public as my blog!

This outfit is actually from yesterday, Tuesday 13th January, but I still wanted to share it!

I didn’t have much planned with my day, I was just going to uni to meet with my tutor but I’d bought a new top over Christmas and I wanted to debut it! There is no better feeling for me than wearing new clothes, so I wanted hair to match. I think I spend far too much time getting ready in the mornings which usually leads to me being late (oops).

Admittedly, the outfit I’m wearing here I did buy before I wrote my resolutions post, but I had said in my mind ‘no clothes this year’ but the fact that I went out and bought a brand new Urban Decay eye shadow palette on Monday can not be excused.

I wanted the Urban Decay Shadow Box before I bought the Naked Palette last week but they didn’t have it in the Southampton store, so naturally I spent £15 more instead of waiting to get to Coventry to see if they had it there.

Of course, when I went into the store in Coventry, they had the Shadow Box palette so I had to have it. Fortunately I have a very lovely mother who bought it for me, but that is still £59 just on eye shadow in under two weeks. I’m terrible! But I LOVE it!

OOTD 12/01 Abagailemily

OOTD 12/01 Abagailemily

OOTD 12/01 Abagailemily Hair

OOTD 12/01 Abagailemily Hair

OOTD 12/01 Abagailemily Hair

Heavy Lace Top – Asos
Black dress – Matalan
Belt – River Island
Tights – John Lewis
Boots – Asos
Earrings – Boutique in Milan