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Challenge 2015 – Focus, Believe and Achieve

This time last year I remember my friends telling me that writing their dissertations was the most stressful thing ever and they didn’t think they’d make it to tomorrow. This time last year I was having the time of my life travelling Europe with my biggest problem being not knowing where to visit next. I really didn’t understand the fuss of it all, I mean final year couldn’t be that hard, could it?

The last four months working on my FMP have been the busiest four months of my life and 9-5 studio days with a maximum of 6 hours sleep a night are really starting to take their toll! If I’m not in the studio toiling my final collection I’m somewhere else doing work to prepare for more toiling, and if I’m not doing either of those I’m usually crying in a corner somewhere feeling guilty that I’m not doing any work at all!

This weekend I traveled back home for Easter, It’s been the most relaxing weekend probably since I was gallivanting off somewhere in Italy. By the time I got home last Thursday evening I was so exhausted from uni I was ready for some actual days off to let my hair down and have fun, and that’s exactly what I did.

Now that the weekend’s over I’m finding it really hard to get back into the swing of doing sketchbook work and preparing myself for the final stint of uni and actually making my collection. There’s a lot of work I’ve still got to do and I’m worried that I’ve been so bogged down with the amount of work there is that I’ve actually fallen behind!

I either need some sort of miracle to motivate me again or I need to stop getting distracted! Although I’d really love to believe in magic and miracles I’m very aware that they don’t exist, and if they did they certainly wouldn’t want to help me make it through my first world problem of finishing my degree; so I’m focusing on the latter.

I need to stop getting so easily distracted! I said at the start of the year in my first Challenge 2015 post that I want to cut down on social media because I really do waste so much time scrolling through Facebook and Instagram when I’m gaining absolutely nothing from it!

As a self confessed Instagram addict I’m holding an intervention.

I’m deleting Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram. Only temporarily, of course, until I’ve finished my degree. I waste so much time checking up on what everyone else is doing and posting photos of what I’m doing and it’s truly pointless and is only going to harm what I can achieve in the long run.

I’m not deactivating my accounts, just deleting the apps from my phone and iPad which should hopefully be enough to keep me from getting distracted by them.

Fingers crossed this will help me to crack on with what’s important and get the best degree possible!


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