Challenge 2015 – Making 2015 the best 2015

This time last year I set myself a few resolutions for the following 12 months.

I’ve decided I wanted to do it again this year because it gave me something to focus on towards being a better, happier person! I think that this years goals might be a little bit more typical than last years, but here goes!

365 Days Challenge 2015 image

Keep in Contact– Last year in Milan was amazing, and I made so many amazing friends! I want to make sure that I keep in contact with all of my friends and family, new and old! I think that keeping in contact is really important especially with the people that you really care about! I want to make sure that everyone knows that I do care about them by regularly calling, texting, or visiting! Sometimes I find it easy to slip off the face of the earth for the while, only speaking to the people immediately around me. I’m really rubbish at replying to texts, sending Birthday cards, and keeping up to date with people who I don’t see everyday, and this is something I want to work on.

Apply for more jobs – This is a serious and scary resolution. In 6 months time I will be finishing uni for good and at the moment I have no job to go into once I finish my degree. It’s really scary to think that I’ll be entering the big bad world really soon, and I need to start regularly applying for all the jobs I’d love to do to make sure I’ve secured myself something once I’m free!

Budget myself – It’s no secret that I LOVE spending money, but being a poor student and loving to splash out don’t bode well. I’m a self confessed shopaholic – I’ve spent over £100 on clothes this week, £45 on makeup and £700 on a new phone. This needs to stop! Admittedly, I don’t go around buying a new phone every week but I do need to cut down on my spending on clothes and makeup. It’s getting serious. I vow to budget myself to a tiny £20 a week which will include all of my groceries, fuel, and social activities, but not include anything towards my course. Studying fashion is not a cheap deal, I spend lots of money on materials, art supplies, printing, etc, so I will just be as careful as I can when spending on my degree! I think that £20 a week is a realistic budget to set myself especially if I stop buying lunch out every day! This year there is NO budget for clothes and makeup (weep).

Work on my brand – This is something that’s long overdue! I want to create my own website to host my portfolio of work. I’ve recently attained a qualification in Adobe Dreamweaver (Website design) so I want to use my skills to completely design this website from scratch! I also want to work on a new brand logo, and create my own business cards. This way I’ll be up to date and ready for whatever the world throws at me once I’ve graduated!

Cut down on Social Media – I live my life on my phone. Yes, I’m one of those sad people who can never put it down. I need to stop! Buying myself a new phone  seems to just be fuel to the fire because its so exciting, but enough is enough! I want to limit myself to only having a set amount of time on Facebook and Instagram each day, it’s just wasting my life! I’m not gaining anything from scrolling though these apps, I’m just being nosey.

Set aside time to read – This follows on nicely from my last resolution. Hopefully, with the time that I wont be posting selfies on Instagram I will be able to educate myself and read. I’ve never been a book person. I find my mind wandering to other things and my eyes just staring at words. I’ve tried audio books too, but I just can’t concentrate. I have monthly subscriptions to both Vogue and Elle magazines so this is where I want to start. Each month I want to READ my magazines cover to cover, not just looking at the nice pictures of things I want to buy (because now I’m on a budget I can’t).

Blog more – I really enjoy updating my blog so a smart thing would be to update it more! I’ve said a couple of times in the past that I want to post my daily outfits so this is a good place to begin! To make it more difficult for myself I really don’t want to be buying anymore new clothes so I’m going to have to think of new ways to wear the clothes I already own (or wear Paiges, too!)

Experiment with illustrations – One of my resolutions from last year was to draw more. I didn’t really work on it then, but I’ve said that I really do want to practice my drawing so I need to stop saying and start doing. I want to carry on drawing in my Moleskine sketchbook, and develop my own style for illustrating my designs.

Pay attention to my nails – I’ve always been a nail biter, but in the summer I stop and paint my nails at least 3 times a week and I love them. As soon as the weather changes my nails become weak and start snapping, and once they’re short I just can’t grow them. This year I want my nails to look nice all year. The only downside to this resolution is how long nail varnishes take to dry, but I think it’s important among my busy schedule I take some time out for myself, to pamper and feel good! I got lots and lots of nail varnishes for Christmas and have a new favourite brand, Ciaté. I’ve used a couple of their varnishes over the last week and I love how quickly they dry compared to others that I use!

Cook more – I like to consider myself quite the chef and I love experimenting with cooking meals for myself and others. I sometimes find it hard to find the time to cook so I’ll end up shoving chips and chicken nuggets in the oven, this is something I want to stop! Cooking my own meals is not only healthier but also cheaper, so it’s an all round winner! I think it would also be fun to learn some new recipes and try some new foods within this little resolution!

Hopefully this year I can stop wasting time and money on things that don’t matter and start focusing on the things that really do.

7 thoughts on “Challenge 2015 – Making 2015 the best 2015

  1. elleboes says:

    I feel like I was reading a post I wrote myself! I’ll be finished uni this time next year and it’s a little unnerving to think about being out in the real world!

  2. Missmythen says:

    I’m loving your resolutions – I think making sure you do something of your resolutions everyday really helps in remembering them and most importantly keeping them! 🙂

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