A Sweet Affair

At the weekend Jenny, Paige and I decided to explore a little bit more of Coventry and visit FarGo Village which is just off of Far Gosford Street in Coventry.

It was a little bit of a surprise to see such an inspiring and creative space in dull old Coventry. I’d heard of it before, obviously as I’ve been connected with Coventry for the last few years of being at University here, but I wasn’t expecting such a contrast in what it’s like. The only way I can describe it would be like a luxury creative space with unique and contemporary outlets.

On the FarGo Village website (Click here) they say they’re ‘bringing a piece of the Camden and Brick Lane independent shopping vibe to Coventry’ which I think is exactly how it feels. It’s really nice to see someone trying to bring something new to Coventry and hopefully get rid of its reputation for being so dull and boring!

FarGo Village has spaces for niche and unique retailers, artists studios, crafts, cafés, markets and areas for entertainment. Businesses are able to set up here because the rent is so cheap, which is so amazing because they’ve made the site so creative and interesting as well.

When we visited we had a little look around, and Jenny also wanted to take a few photos of us as a little practice as shes studying photography!

You can see her blog here! 

This was literally the perfect backdrop for a couple of photos, although I’m far from the perfect model it was really fun to mess around and take a couple of snaps that I could possibly put on here to show my outfit!

I literally just threw this outfit together as it was a Saturday, and I didn’t have anywhere else to go, I just wanted to feel comfortable and warm!





Coat – Primark (Paige’s Wardrobe)
Top – Brandy Melville
Skirt – Topshop
Bag – Cambridge Satchel Company

I’ve wanted to try and push myself to put better outfits together for a while now, and I see no better way than forcing myself to do so by posting them on the internet.

Working in the fashion industry I feel like there’s no time to be lazy when getting dressed in the morning, and each outfit really needs to represent myself and my own style, rather than what everyone else is either wearing, or telling me to wear!

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