Travel 2014 – Brighton


It’s been a while since my last post- I travelled back to England on the 3rd April and I’ve not had a spare minute to catch up on my blog! I’ve got a lot to share over the next few weeks, so keep your eye out for all the news and stories of my hectic month.

On the 13th April I finally managed to get myself to Brighton. This is a town that for reasons unknown has always attracted me. Everyone has always told me “it’s not that special” but I never believed them.

I was like an excited puppy upon (finally) arriving – the traffic was awful and apparently it’s really hard to find a car park!! The weather couldn’t have been better for an April’s day – it was bright and sunny and ‘almost’ warm (I’m no longer used to cold British temperatures!!)

The pier was amazing. To my knowledge I’ve never been along a pier like it (but I have the worst memory for things like that – so who knows!) It was literally like Weymouth sea front stuck on stilts and in the water. You can get anything you’d typically expect to find at a UK seaside town – just on the pier. You can buy sweets, drinks, sticks of rock, and fish and chips, and there are also loads of rides and places to sit to just enjoy the view.

Brighton it’s self is very hilly, which is something I didn’t expect. It’s also quite small, and quite expensive. The fish & chips were average and there were TOO many seagulls. At one point it was apparent we were under attack, but this wasn’t helped by the man behind us feeding them while we were trying to eat our lunch!

To conclude, I will agree it wasn’t anything too special. There isn’t a lot there that you won’t find at any other seaside town. This aside I’m still really glad I went to see it for myself as it is somewhere I’ve wanted to go for years now, and they have a Tiger (my favourite shop) so if nothing else it was 100% worth going just for that! Obviously that’s alongside the sunshine, fun car journey and finally getting to sit on the beach!





Let me know your thoughts.

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