Travel 2014 – Bergamo

20140324-120709.jpgA friend of mine was recently visiting Bergamo which happens to be just outside of Milan!

I decided to take a day trip out to see the city and was surprised at just how big it was! It has a new town which is where the airport is, along with the train station, shops and restaurants, and then there is also the ‘Old Town’ which is at the top of the hill (which seemed like a verrrrryyyy long and steep walk!) but there is a train to the top! At the top you get the best views of Bergamo, quaint shops, and winding narrow streets, it feels a lot more Italian than Milan!

I’d definitely recommend it if you’re in Milan for a couple of days and running out of ideas of what to do! It’s about 40 minutes on the train and only 5 Euros each way!

I just spent the day doing touristy things like getting lunch, spending about an hour in an old fashioned sweet shop, and eating ice cream!

Below are a couple of my ‘Holiday snaps’.

20140324-120751.jpg 20140324-120743.jpg 20140324-120732.jpg 20140324-120720.jpg

Let me know your thoughts.

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