Textiles – Busy February!


This post actually targets two of my years challenges. Firstly, is obviously the ‘Create more’ as for my Textiles module at NABA I have to create a sketchbook to work towards making 15 textiles which could be printed, embellished, felted, etc! The second is that I had a little play around with my camera to take these images! They might not be of the best quality (I am by no means a photographer!) But I am trying to play around with having it set on ‘manual’ apposed to the easy peasy ‘auto focus’.



I’ve decided to show just three of my favourite samples. I created them using an embroidery technique called french knotting, which is really easy, but very time consuming when done on a large scale! These three textiles are in my ‘ombre spray’ range. The collection is inspired by the recent storms we’ve had at home in the UK!



For the collections we had to create the tops for the textiles too, which gives it a professional look. On the back of these you can find information about the textiles, such as the fibers, weight and width, manufacture date, and textile description, along with the washing instructions. As you can see from the picture above I still need to fill these details out!


My collection is still a working process, and so I will update once I’ve progressed further. I have really enjoyed working on this collection so far, and the other textiles in my collection are also very decorative, you can look forward to seeing a lot of beads and embellishments!

Let me know your thoughts.

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