Making 2014 the best 2014

Like most people do at the beginning of the year, I’ve decided to set myself some goals to achieve throughout 2014.

I’m not really the sort of person who manages to keep up with new years resolutions and tend to have the typical ‘Stop biting my nails’ or ‘Don’t eat as much chocolate’ but this year I really want to see if I can make some changes for the better.

I spent a lot of time in 2013 trying to work out my flaws and things that I should try and adapt in my life to become a happier and better person. My ‘resolutions’ are ones that will hopefully reflect my flaws and mold me into the girl I know I can be.20140105-213528.jpg

Be more patient – I know I’m not the most patient of people and can never understand why people don’t do things when they say they’ll do it. I worry a lot that if people don’t do things straight away that they’ve forgotten or just don’t want to do it. I hate waiting for replies and for things to arrive in the post. A good example of this was waiting for our internet in Milan – Admittedly it did take a lot longer than it should have done but if we’d have just been patient about it, it wouldn’t have caused half as much stress as it did. I expect too much of people a lot of the time, and I need to learn to do things for myself, and when I can’t do them myself I need to respect that other people have important things to do in their life too. Sometimes you just have to wait!

Admit when I’m wrong – I hate admitting when I’m wrong, it’s just not something that I do. But I think that to be a better person I need to respect that everyone makes mistakes and that’s what we learn from, so from now on I’m going to try and admit it straight off that I’ve made an error.

Work on my Italian – I’ve been living in Italy for about 3 months and I’ve hardly attempted to pick up the language. One of the main reasons for me moving abroad this year was to pick up a language as I felt it would give a huge advantage on my CV. In the evenings when I’m sat at home not doing a lot I think I should practice a little bit more. So instead of spending my time on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram I’m going to devote my spare time to trying to be the best I can at speaking the language of the country I live in!

Make more friends – This follows on nicely from my last point. Since being in Italy, I’ve really struggled making friends. I think it’s mostly to do with the language barrier as some people don’t understand English sarcastic humour! But this is really something I’d like to work on. Since being in Italy I’ve met people from all around Europe and even the rest of the world and to keep connections in all of those places would be a truly amazing thing.

Draw more – My design tutor at NABA told us all at the start of the semester that we should be drawing all of the time, as that’s the only way we improve. Although I do a lot of sketches for my design work, I never really draw just to draw which is something I’d really like to do. My little sister carries a moleskin sketch book around with her and does the tiniest but most beautiful drawings in, so I think this would be a good place to start. I want to draw just to draw so I’m setting myself the challenge of completing one drawing each week. By the end of the year that’s just 52 drawings. It’s a small goal, but hopefully something that will help me improve as a designer!

Travel – Seeing as I’m already IN Europe I think this is a good place to start. I’d like to travel and see new things, new cultures, buildings and meet new people. I’m already going to Barcelona in a few weeks so that’s a good place to start! I want 2014 to be the year I can look back on in decades to come and see it as my adventure year!

Learn to take a good photograph – I’ve just bought myself a new camera as a motive to make myself learn to use it. I want to know what makes a good photograph, how to use my camera properly and also take photographs that are worthy of actually showing people and being proud of! Rather than just the ones look slightly good once you’ve stuck them on Instagram and added a filter!

Be more healthy – This ones a bit cliche I know. I can admit to myself straight away that I will never be the person who will only eat salads for lunch and genuinely enjoy them. I want to find the healthy foods that I love, and learn to cook properly for a balanced diet. I’m not telling myself that I can’t have chocolate and crisps because I know that I love them far too much – but I think it’s probably about time to cut them down just a little bit so that I can feel healthier and enjoy the benefits! Drinking more water is something I also need to work on. I was going to set a separate goal for this, but I don’t think it needs one. Drinking more water will hopefully make me feel more energetic and less tired in the day.

Create – As a fashion enthusiast I think I really need to start creating more of my own clothes and accessories to wear. Last year I was working on my headbands which really made me happy and I loved it when people would comment saying how much they liked them or whether I could make them one. Nothing feels better to me than someone complimenting me on my work, but people can’t compliment me if I’m not making anything for them to comment on!

So these are my personal challenges for the next year which I am to work on every day! Hopefully by the end of the year I wont even have to think back to the goals I set and will just come naturally!

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