What to do?

One of the main reasons I signed up to attend NABA was because I still have absolutely no idea what I want to do once I’ve graduated.

The good news is that this year I’ve found out I’m doing so many different things that I’ve not done before – the bad news is it’s a lot more work than I’m used to!

So far this semester I’m having lessons in…

Textiles! – For this I’m learning different printing techniques and how to manipulate fabrics.

Knitting! – This involves hand knitting (which I’ve never done before!!) and also knitting on machines.

Pattern Making! – Making the patterns for garments from complete scratch (not even using a block) and then testing the patterns by making the garments.

Marketing! – A 4 hour lecture each week on different marketing techniques and what marketing techniques small and large companies use.

Design! – The process of having an idea to getting it on paper to create 2 A/W Collecitons.

My weeks are pretty busy as there is quite a large work load but the fact I’m leaning so much makes it completely worth it. It really is giving me a clearer idea in my head what I’m good at and what I can improve on. Even if I struggle at something I still find that I’m really enjoying the lessons, for example knitting doesn’t exactly seem to be my strong point but I’m still really enjoying it!

Let me know your thoughts.

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