Once I’d handed in my T-shirts and received my feedback I had my first weekend off to relax and really get to see Milan.

The weather for the weekend was absolutely amazing so I didn’t want to waste a second. It was really nice to be able to wander around and see the things I’d not had a chance to before.

The phone I’ve been using in Milan unfortunately doesn’t have the best of cameras so a lot of the time I don’t have my iPhone on me which I’d usually use to take the majority of my pictures (so some of these pictures don’t belong to me but to belong Joe who I was with).

One of the best things I think I saw that weekend was the Uni Credit Tower. I think I have a bit of an obsession with tall buildings at the moment, and this just so happens to be the tallest building in Italy. We came across it by accident after spending the day in Monza (we didn’t get to see the race track just went for a quick look around the shops there) we couldn’t decide what to do that day so ended up going to the central train station and seeing where was close that we could go to for the day. The weather was still really nice for October so it made for a good day out. On our way home we mistakenly got off at the wrong train station only to walk outside and see the tower right before us.



The area surrounding the tower was really nice – it was lit up with coloured lights under water and was surprisingly busy for the time of the day. We were hoping to get to the top of the tower but apparently it isn’t open for viewing.

We had seen the tower the day before when we climbed to the top of the cathedral in the center of Milan and wondered where it was and how to get to it so we were pretty surprised when we got there so easily!


Let me know your thoughts.

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