How to…

Part of this project at uni is to promote our brand within the Windsor and Refreshed store in Coventry.

I didn’t want to do this the usual way in trying to get people to buy clothes they don’t necessarily want from a charity shop, I know myself I find it hard to ever find things to buy! Instead I thought about the customer changing an item of clothing into something that’s in fashion now, meaning that the store won’t have to keep changing stock each time something doesn’t sell as its no longer in fashion.

The flyers that I’ve made will be free for customers to pick up and instruct them step by step how to create a fashionable item of clothing from something that’s tired and out of fashion.
I wanted to keep the guide as simple as possible so that even people who find sewing hard can follow!

My inspiration for this came from the many quick guides on Pinterest.

Here is my first draft!


Let me know your thoughts.

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