London Girl

On Wednesday I went on a trip with the University to London for a trend seminar organised by The Trend Boutique. These are basically big conferences where there are usually 5/6 guest speakers who tell their story of how they started their business or career in Fashion. We go to about 6 of these talks per year and I find them so so so interesting. It basically gives me an insight into what I could actually be doing with my life in a few years time, what jobs are available to me  and who I might possibly want to look at interning for.
My favourite speaker of the day was Michelle Taylor who owns Tallulah Love, a luxury lingerie brand. She started off designing lingerie for Marks and Spencer, Playboy,  and a fashion house that supplied to Topshop and Miss Selfridge but said that she really disliked not having the freedom to do something really different rather than just focusing completely on the brand and “slapping a big bunny on everything”. After working in the industry for over a decade she took the risk to hand in her resignation and set up her own company and focus purely on luxury design. The business is a success and really shows that if you want something enough and work hard then you can achieve it.
Michelle was probably my favourite speaker because she was so real. It’s so hard in the fashion industry to come across someone who’s so honest in who they are as a person that it was such a nice change to finally meet someone who will tell you how it is. This demonstrated to me that you really don’t have to change who you are to fit into the fashion industry, you can still be successful if you’re bubbly, honest and kind.
Aside from that her designs are absolutely stunning and made from only the best silks and trimmings – you can check them out here –

London is one of my favourite places in the United Kingdom to visit. It’s so different to where I come from. Even though I now live in a big city, I came from a really small town so visiting places like this is so exciting! I love seeing everyone rushing around and wondering what their life is, who there are and where they’re going.


As we were leaving the seminar the sun was setting, even though we were on the coach the view outside was beautiful so I had to capture it. One day I hope I’ll be living in a place of such chaotic beauty.

Let me know your thoughts.

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