Berlin Fashion Week

A couple of days after getting back from Tenerife I was jetting back off again but this time to Berlin with University.
We were to be there for 2 full days with the chance to explore Berlin for ourselves and to visit some of the events for Berlin Fashion Week.
Before I went to Berlin, I had never been to a proper fashion show! I’d been to events such as the Clothes Show Live – but never seen an actual designers collection on an actual catwalk just for them. The thought of this was so exciting to me!
Before you go to Berlin Fashion Week, you have to register for all of the events you wish to attend, they don’t just let anyone in. Considering all of the websites to register on are in GERMAN this proved very very difficult. Never the less we managed to register for a couple of events that we thought looked good.. (and the ones that would actually let us in!)
My favourite event was Panorama, it was a massive trade buying event. It was so interesting to see all of the visual merchandising that they had and really inspiring for my own work. I noticed when there that a very large chunk of the focus of this event was on Menswear which really shows the desire that men are now having to look after their appearance and really start to follow trends.



After we’d been to Panorama we went straight to another event, this one was a fashion show for NIX. The show its self was so exciting! It had a proper gate for entry and a front row with names for special guests.  Seeing this designers collection go down the runway was something that I found really inspiring. The thought that one day a fashion student might be at a show of mine thinking the same is something that really drives me to work hard.


The next day we spent just exploring Berlin. We went to the Berlin Gate, shopping and also to see the Berlin Wall street art. The work on the wall is by commissioned artists so is to a really high standard and also with deep meanings. It was something that was really interesting to look at and is also something I’d like to use to inspire a print or collection.

       River         River in Berlin

These are just a few images of our adventure – visiting the river, Berlin Wall, Berlin Gate and general snaps!

Berlin Gate

Tenerife + Berlin phone 174              Tenerife + Berlin phone 175

Tenerife + Berlin phone 176              Tenerife + Berlin phone 236

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  1. Stadtmensch says:

    Guten Tag. Weise Angaben. Sensationell. Gute Arbeit. Mach weiter. Ich bin Enjoyer. Nur weiter so. Die Adresse besitzt gute Posts. Friedenfreund. Publizieren Sie mehr Kommentare. Die früheren Texte sind kompetent. Malerisches Design.

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