Beginning of my jet set lifestyle

Tenerife 6-10 January 2013

When I was home for Christmas, my Dad surprised me by asking if I’d like to go on holiday before I went back to UNI in January. We’re talking about a holiday here… Not an opportunity I’m likely to give up! The only problem being with this whole proposition was the ordeal that I had a deadline on the 11 January and my family weren’t planning on travelling back until the 13th!
I proposed the idea (without holding much hope) that I should catch a flight home on my own a couple of days early so that I could hand my work in to meet the University’s deadline. I’ve never ever flown on my own and the thought of it was something that made me feel a bit sick in my stomach.  To my amazement, my dad agreed and so a couple of days before Christmas I was almost as excited to see a little sunshine than I was to participate in all of our festive activities!
Being the absolute sun worshiper that I am, I starting packing that evening (even if I was only to be there for 3 full days!).Sunset over the sea


Blue seas - Blue skies

Pretty cliffs

The holiday it’s self was the best. I had so much fun relaxing for once, and not worrying about what uni work I had to finish or what I needed to catch up on. That was only something I would have to worry about when I returned home!

The flight home on my own was easy, I had nothing to worry about. I’ve flown so many times before I knew exactly where to go and what to do.

Clearly, I was born a jet setter.

Let me know your thoughts.

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